Items to Donate for Troop Boxes
Food items:
● All types of granola bars, protein/energy bars
● Beef Jerky
● Snack size nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, sunflower seeds
● Gum, reg or sugarless, Tic Tac, Altoids
● Instant coffee (single servings)
● Powdered drink mixes (single servings)
● Tuna or Salmon foil packs
● Cookies (single servings)
● Candy (avoid chocolate may melt)
● Microwave popcorn
Personal Items:
● Neosporin Ointment, A&D Ointment, Fungus Cream, foot powder
● Lip Balm & Sun Sunscreen spf 30 or higher please!
● Toothbrushes (individually packed) tooth paste
● Eye drops & Eyeglass wipes
● Baby wipes (septic safe wipes)
● Throat & Cough drops
● Deodorant & Razors (good quality please)
● Body & Hand soap - small travel ones (please no hotel soaps)
● Shampoo & lotion - small travel ones (please no hotel shampoo/lotion)
Other items they would like to have:
● Nerf footballs, playing card, activity books, comic books
● Books to read, magazines, newspapers (from our area)
● Socks, flip flops, hand warmers
● Cards from kids, scouts, school, retirement homes etc.
● DVD’s new and used
Please contact VFW Post 9301 Auxiliary with your donations
7011 Hannegan Rd Lynden 360-220-5676
We also accept monetary donations
Thank you in advance for any part you may take in this worthy cause